Sponsors of the France Pavilion

Mobilising and involving all French companies, by highlighting their innovations, is part of our commitment to success.
  • A project based on co-construction: The French exhibitions company, COFREX, created in 2018, is organising the French presence in Dubai to showcase all France has to offer in rethinking major urban projects in emerging countries. It is achieving this ambition through co-construction with all its sponsors, both public and private.
  • A bespoke partnership: The French Pavilion team draws up with each of its sponsors the form and content of their participation in Expo 2020. Its sponsors play an active role, in line with their expertise, in the ecosystem of the French Pavilion, before and during the Universal Exhibition. The sponsors have varied profiles: companies, institutional bodies, territorial communities, the academic and scientific world.
Showroom du Pavillon France
Vue extérieure du Pavillon

Our support

For companies which have already joined with the French Pavilion in this ambition to maximise the outreach of France and its talents, the Universal Exhibition 2020 Dubai will be an amazing showcase to promote their expertise and innovations in sustainability. The historic excellence of French expertise is recognised internationally in many fields that contribute to urban development: mobility, environment, energy, lifestyle, etc. With much appreciated and sought-after talents, they have demonstrated their ability to adapt to technological evolution and offer solutions that are increasingly innovative and digital.

To promote them, Dubai – an economic hub and cosmopolitan focus of the Near and Middle East – is a particularly relevant point of reference. With average growth higher than the OECD countries, the countries of this region produce some of the biggest trade surpluses in the world. And beyond Dubai, the catchment area of the Universal Exhibition 2020 Dubai (Middle East, China, India) is also a vehicle for many future projects representing many opportunities for French companies and making it possible to present a development model for urban services that is recognised at international level thanks to leading edge operators, world leaders in their fields. 




Thematic partners

France, with the diversity of its territories, is also a talent pool for young talent, working every day on new solutions connected with mobility. France now has many leaders in the fields of artificial intelligence, data processing and environmental innovation.

Thanks to their expertise and knowledge, our sponsors enhance the programming and scenography of the Pavilion. They illustrate new mobilities and support ecological, economic, social and demographic transitions. More broadly, they express a vision of services centred on the citizen and aimed at the preservation of our planet.

Join in with the France Pavilion


  • Share the ambitions of the Universal Exhibition: educating the public, promoting progress and international cooperation.
  • Display the values of the French Pavilion: boldness, art de vivre, sharing.
  • Help everyone access the common asset that knowledge represents.
  • Be the epitome of French-style innovation, its genius and its talents.
  • Take part in the setting up of new economic, cultural and technological partnerships between France and international players.


Mutual benefits

For the French Pavilion: digital donations or of goods/services.

For the sponsors, bespoke rewards according to the size of the contribution: corporate, communication (visibility on the pavilion and the various communication media), event management (access to special areas and events at the pavilion) as well as invitations.

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A tax regime that favours Patronage and Sponsorship.

Our sponsors receive the active support of the French Pavilion thanks to two tax arrangements. 


Contributions received under sponsorship are entitled to a tax reduction: 60% of the amount of the donation is given as a tax reduction for companies, up to a limit of 5 per 1000 of turnover. Recompense is allowed up to 25% and the real final cost comes to 15% of the donation.


Contributions received are considered as service provisions subject to VAT. These costs are deductible at 100% of the taxable result, under operating costs.

In addition to tax arrangements, each sponsorship may also be valued in a specific way according to the sponsor’s objectives.