Located at the heart of the Dubai World Expo, the Belvédère is the perfect space to host all your business events.

The Belvédère, a unique event space

This exceptional, modular 1,000m² event space is suitable for all of your professional events: cocktail parties and receptions, demonstration events, and social or work events.

Structured to include an agora, showroom, an auditorium with a capacity of over 130 people, as well as meeting rooms, the Belvédère has a large panoramic terrace that overlooks the Expo site.

21 metres

The height of the Belvedere, which will overlook the Dubai World Expo

320 people

Total capacity of the Belvédère

1,000 m²

Of fully modular space that can be reserved entirely for your private event


Agora Marie Curie

The Agora Marie Curie, located on the France Pavilion’s terrace, is designed to host events such as lectures or screenings. It can be combined into a private space with the Victor Hugo space and its terrace (also subject to being previously organised for a combined private space).

72 people

Agora's capacity (for a conference)

182 m²

Agora's surface area


Terrace Edith Piaf and Showroom Victor Hugo

The Showroom Victor Hugo can host events like cocktail parties or mini-conferences. The terrace overlooking the Expo site is automatically made available with it, and can be used in conjunction with the Frères Lumières Auditorium and/or the Showroom George Sand (reservation required).

100 people

Showroom and Terrace's capacity

216 m²

Showroom and Terrace's surface area (Showroom Victor Hugo: 78m² & Terrace: 138m²)


Frères Lumière Auditorium

The auditorium serves to host events such as lectures, meetings, or debates. It has a control room and two translation booths. It is adaptable according to the scheduled event, depending on the available equipment.

136 people

Auditorium's capacity

180 m²

Auditorium's surface area


Showroom George Sand & Salon Colette

This space can host events like cocktail parties, smaller format lectures, prototype presentations, or mini-exhibitions. It can be used alongside the Showroom Victor Hugo or the Colette Lounge, subject to these spaces being previously organised for a combined space.

100 people: capacity for cocktail party layout

80 m² of surface area

The Colette lounge is an ideal space for the organisation of meetings or cocktail parties for small groups. It can be combined with the adjoining George Sand space to provide an extra “lounge” area.

30 people: capacity for boardroom-style layout

48 m² of surface area

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