Roger Pradier® provides the lighting for the France Pavilion’s Belvedere at Dubai World Expo

/ Partenaires du Pavillon

The France Pavilion at Dubai World Expo is pleased to count Roger Pradier® as a sponsor of the France Pavilion. The luminaires provided are installed on the Belvedere terrace of the France Pavilion.

As a sponsor of the France Pavilion at the World Expo, Roger Pradier® is providing remarkably aesthetic lighting for the Belvedere terrace.

The nomadic models Tank designed by Cédric Ragot, La Hutte designed by matali crasset, and Lampiok designed by Stéphane Joyeux spread a light that constantly adapts to the time of the day transforming  the Belvedere space.

" Roger Pradier® is an outstanding French savoir- faire and a unique expertise in tinsmithing rewarded by the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant state label.
Light is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. To play with it is to open a playground as big as the world.

Tristan De Witte
CEO of Roger Pradier®

As a designer and manufacturer of outdoor lighting for over 100 years, Roger Pradier® has consistently and passionately illuminated everyday outdoor spaces.

We share a dedicated philosophy, strong environmental and technological concerns and a creative obsession. Our high quality savoir-faire is recognized by the state label "Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant" wich we received in 2012. With a strong history and a resolute focus on the future, Roger Pradier® illuminates and accompanies life in all outdoor projects: hotels, restaurants, homes, gardens, terraces, urban spaces... 

Erik Linquier, Commissioner General for France at Dubai World Expo and chairman of Cofrex

« I would like to thank this sponsor for his confidence in this international project and I am delighted that this iconic brand and showcase of French savoir-faire will be able to shine in Dubai. »

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