Lightspeed Inspiration Day Espace: Dreamed odysseys

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For this second day dedicated to Space, the France Pavilion developed a program in collaboration with the Rougerie Foundation, in order to present to the audience inspiring projects led by artists and designers who work for making Space a dreamed odyssey!

"We try to bring technologies from space and extreme environments into our terrestrial architectural projects. In that way, we can face things in a different way" - Jacques Rougerie

On October 23 for the special day dedicated to Space, visitors met architects, artists and designers who work to make Space a dreamed odyssey. Conferences, panel discussion and meetings introduced participants to the architecture of the future, space exploration and life in extreme environments.

Throwback at this exceptional day!

Masterclass "The world of Jacques Rougerie"

The day began with a masterclass animated by Jacques Rougerie, a world-renowned French architect, academician and specialist of marine and coastal habitats. He introduced many of his architectural projects mixing marine, terrestrial and space technologies and his "great passion", the Jacques Rougerie Foundation, created 10 years ago and housed at the Institut de France, which supports each year the projects of young visionary architects through its "International Architecture Competition". 

" I want young people to believe in the future, they must build this future. Of course, we can support them with our knowledge, but we remain within pre-established patterns  "

Jacques Rougerie
Architect, academician and specialist of marine and coastal habitats

A day full of discovery and exchanges

Panel discussion "Life similiraties in extreme environments"

In the afternoon, a panel discussion on "Life similarities in extreme environments" was animated by Jean-François Clervoy, astronaut and honorary president of Novespace, Claudie Haigneré, astronaut, rheumatologist and doctor in neurosciences, Francis Rambert, director of the French Institute of Architecture, Jacques Rougerie and Peter Weiss, founder of the start-up Spartan Space. 

Conferences "Space life" et "Architecture of the future"

A first conference animated by Jean-François Clervoy presented life in space was followed by a discussion animated by Jacques Rougerie who introduced to the audience the architecture of the future, by showing innovative projects supported by the Rougerie Foundation.

Presentation of the project "Eurohab" with Peter Weiss 

Peter Weiss, the 2020 laureate of the Jacques Rougerie Foundation's International Architecture Competition, introduced the "Eurohab" project, awarded in the "Architecture and Innovation for Space" category. A compléter

The Agora turns into a cinema! 

From 2pm to 7pm, the Agora turned into a cinema and several short films from the Annecy International Animation Film Festival were screened. This was an opportunity for the audience to discover exclusive films by French authors and to learn about space exploration! 

Finally, in the early evening, the documentary "Télescope intérieure, une œuvre spatiale d'Edouardo Kac", produced by the CNES Space Observatory, was screened, in the presence of the film team and director Virigile Novarina.

Last stargazing night!

For this last night of stargazing with the world's most powerful telescope developed by Unistellar, visitors observed the stars and the galaxy! 

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