Lightspeed Inspiration Day Biodiversity: Darker night, brighter future

/ Vie du Pavillon

On October 9th, during the Biodiversity fortnight, the France Pavilion invited visitors to question themselves about the dark side of light by dedicating a specific day to light pollution.

Light serves as the thematic guideline for the France Pavilion as it is the central element of its architecture and programming. Light is a rich concept: being both a physical phenomenon that allows visual perception and a unit that measures speed and time, light is also the symbol of knowledge and ideas.

The France Pavilion and the French office for biodiversity invite visitors to reflect on the dark side of light by devoting a specific day to light pollution. This type of pollution is defined by the presence of artificial lighting, which disturbs fauna, flora, and humans, also preventing the observation of night skies. The France Pavilions aims at raising awareness on this issue and to showcase initiatives and technologies that contribute to a future where the wonders of the night skies can be seen again.

All day long, the France Pavilion welcomed budding photographers, students and World Expo visitors to the Belvedere to highlight French and Emirati solutions and innovations for the preservation of biodiversity

Photo workshop “Darker night, Brighter future” with Gulf Photo Plus 

At the end of this 90mn workshop, visitors understood how light manipulates the photograph and experiment how to sculpt your own light. The learning served as a great insight on eco-friendly studio lighting alternatives.  This workshop was designed by Gulf Photo Plus to question the impact of artificial light on photography, as light is at the center of photography and its use should be mastered by anyone who wants to click great pictures.

Panel discussion“Darker night, Brighter future” with experts from CEREMA, OFB-CNRS-MNHN and Dark Sky Lab 

This panel discussion, initiated by the France and the UAE University (UAEU) Pavilions, aimed at raising awareness on light pollution, and showcased initiatives and technologies that contribute to a future where the wonders of the night skies can be seen again. A great moment of exchange with the students!

Thank you to Gulf Photo Plus, the UAE University Pavilion and all the experts for this first thematic day, which opens the ball for a long series of exchanges, sharing and collaborations!

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