IGIENAIR joins the France Pavilion as a Thematic Sponsor during the fortnight dedicated to Cities

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The France Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo is delighted to bring IGIENAIR on board as a Thematic Sponsor. At the Dubai World Expo, IGIENAIR will be demonstrating its expertise and services in the field of air quality for building interiors.

The Dubai World Expo will be the biggest global gathering of 2021, and the role of the France Pavilion at the event is to promote French businesses, talent, ideas and assets to the world. France is setting out to position itself as an international driving force for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the UN, and for rebuilding a world after the pandemic.

As such, the Pavilion will shine a spotlight on initiatives and innovations with the power to address the challenges of economic, social, ecological and cultural transformation in our society. From October 29th to November 11th 2021, the France Pavilion will dedicate its events programming to the theme of Cities, and the ways in which we can create sustainable cities and regions for the future through the promotion of resilient infrastructures.   

Commissioner General for France at Dubai World Expo, and Chairman of Cofrex

« The Dubai World Expo will be an opportunity to reflect on the idea of sustainable cities, and the France Pavilion will be fully engaged on this topic, given that France lays claim to a number of assets, ideas and innovations in this field.
We are home to an extremely dynamic economic sector, and IGIENAIR’s smart sensors fully embody the type of French solutions that have the power to address the issues faced in modern urban development. »

IGIENAIR: expertise and services in the field of air quality for building interiors 

As an expert international group in the field of indoor air quality, IGIENAIR enables its clients to create healthier interior environments. In 2017, IGIENAIR invested in its Research & Innovation affiliate ZAACK, whose smart sensors have the ability to constantly monitor air quality. Predictive maintenance is essential for building management, and air quality is one of the key aspects to be taken into consideration in terms of occupant health.


employees around the world


offices in France, and 14 internationally


creation and innovation with ZAACK

At the France Pavilion in Dubai, IGIENAIR will be presenting ZAACK’s smart solutions for continuous monitoring of indoor air quality. ZAACK’s sensors are designed to function as part of the predictive maintenance approach to building air quality.

" It is with great pride and enthusiasm that IGIENAIR will be presenting its expertise and savoir-faire during the Focus Fortnight on ‘Cities’ at the France Pavilion.
The exceptional level of visibility offered by the Dubai World Expo will allow us to showcase the IGIENAIR teams who work every day to develop tools that are essential to our collective health. "

President of IGIENAIR

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