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Throwback on the events that took place during the fortnight dedicated to oceans.

A fortnight dedicated to oceans

The France Pavilion dedicated its event program to oceans, with the support of Greentech. The oceans, covering three quarters of the earth's surface, make our planet habitable for humanity. Thus, the France Pavilion supported French actions and innovations regarding seas and oceans preservation.

Greentech, thematic partner

For this last fortnight dedicated to oceans, the France Pavilion was supported by Greentech. Pioneer in biotechnology, GREENTECH GROUP creates high-tech active ingredients from natural sources from plant, marine and microbial worlds. Addressed to major markets (cosmetic, healthcare, feed & food, agronomy and environment), the GREENTECH GROUP’s innovations represent proven and sustainable alternatives, based on balanced relationships with local producers around the world, in the service of future generations. We source nature to resource the future.

Photo exhibition by Laurent Ballesta

For our fortnight dedicated to the oceans, the France Pavilion hosted an exhibition by Laurent Ballesta, a French emblematic figure in underwater naturalist photography. As a biologist and deep diver, his exhibition is an artistic tribute to the underwater wildlife and to sensibilize the visitors about the oceans preservation and biodiversity.

Discover innovations of French companies on the theme of oceans

In partnership with Business France, the France Pavilion highlights some solutions developped by French companies regarding oceans. Find out more

March 22nd  - Maritime mission with Business France

A delegation of economic operators in the maritime sector, made up of French ports and companies in the blue economy sector, met at the France Pavilion to promote the French maritime territories. This day was organised by Business France, in collaboration with Greentech, thematic sponsor of the Oceans fortnight.

March 23rd - The SeaCleaners at the France Pavilion

The SeaCleaners French association aims at reducing marine plastic pollution by offering concrete solutions. In the framework of the oceans fortnight, the France Pavilion has welcomed a conference of Yvan Bourgnon, CEO and founder of Sea Cleaners, towards schools. 

March 26th & 27th - Rendez-vous in the depths, a theatrical and musical performance by CIE 44

During our thematic fortnight dedicated to oceans, visitors were immersed in the heart of the oceans during the series of theatrical and musical performances created by the French duo CIE 44 presented on the esplanade of the France Pavilion. An immersive and poetic show!


Temporary exhibition "Jean Paul Gaultier from A to Z", until March 31st

"Jean Paul Gaultier from A to Z" is the new and last temporary exhibition of the France Pavilion. The Enfant Terrible of fashion is taking over the France until 31 March 2022, retracing the French designer’s 50 years of career.

This exceptional world premiere exhibition introduces the artist’s iconic works and unveils the influences, passions and obsessions of Jean Paul Gaultier, a figurehead of French haute couture savoir-faire. With the support of PUIG, Air France, Hans Boodt & Lelièvre. Read more

Matthieu Klein, the Chef of the month

In March, Alsace is honored by the Chef Mathieu Klein. Last but not least, guests of the Pavilion had the chance to taste the delicious food of Chef Matthieu Klein, from Sofitel Strasbourg. Chef Matthieu showcased a diverse menu from the Alsace region in France, with a pastry tart crust made with custard cream and sautéed onions for appetizers or the famous “Choucroute de la mer”. 

March 17th & 18th - Thomas Pesquet was at the France Pavilion!

We are honored to have welcomed our Ambassador Thomas Pesquet at the France Pavilion.  This visit to the Pavilion is a great honor for the teams, sponsors and stakeholders who are presenting French savoir-faire, boldness and innovation to visitors from all over the world. As a French ESA astronaut, Thomas Pesquet embodies the vision France has carried out during six months: innovation and boldness. Read more

March 19th - Presentation of the tapestry woven by Mélanie Cros for the France Pavilion

The weaver Mélanie Cros presented on the France Pavilion's promenade the ancient art of tapestry by weaving, under the eyes of the spectators, an exceptional piece of art, a tribute to the France Pavilion and the famous Al Wasl Dome. In partnership with the Institut National des Métiers d'Art. 

March 20th - Francophonie International Day

The France Pavilion, the Francophone Pavilions and Expo 2020 Dubai celebrated the Francophonie International Day on 20 March.This special day has been animated by the teams of the France Pavilion, Alliance Française de Dubaï and Institut Français in the United Arab Emirates. 

March 28th - 2 million visitors at the France Pavilion!

A few days before the closing of Expo 2020 Dubai, the France Pavilion Team was proud to celebrate the 2 million visitors of the Pavilion!

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