The France Pavilion's virtual exhibition on the history of Universal Exhibitions

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A few days before the opening of the Dubai World Expo, France unveils today the first chapter of its virtual exhibition dedicated to the history of Universal Exhibitions.

From the first edition in London in 1851 to the current one being held in Dubai this year, the Universal Exhibitions have always been a showcase for the technological, industrial and artistic progress of the participating countries. The first itinerary of the virtual exhibition of the france Pavilion goes through the different editions in images and highlights the innovations, progress and solutions provided during these international events.

The Universal Exhibitions have at all times contributed́ to finding solutions to the major global challenges. As a planetary event, an international meeting with an atypical positioning and at the crossroads between a political forum, a trade fair, but also a cultural and scientific event, each Exhibition brings together all the present active forces: technical, scientific, urban planning, artistic, political, cultural, economic, etc.

The ambitions of these exhibitions have now evolved towards international cooperation and the search for solutions to the major challenges facing humanity.

At the Dubai World Expo, the motto of the france Pavilion «Lightspeed Inspiration» will reflect its ambition and its program: to take visitors on a journey in record time, showcasing unique and bold French innovations and creations in all the fields that make human  history a history of progress: Science, Research, Technology, Arts and Crafts, Education.

The France Pavilion's virtual exhibition

The visitor's tour will be available from October 1st as a virtual visit, in French and English versions

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