Zoom in on Paris World Expo in 1867

Life of the Pavilion
Paris World Expo in 1867 was the second world's fair to be held in Paris, from 1 April to 3 November 1867.
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This World Expo in 1867 was held in Paris on the Champ-de-Mars, and tackled Industry, Agriculture and Fine arts.


participating countries (at Expo 2020 Dubai, 190+ countries will be participating)


millions visitors (at Expo 2020 Dubai, 25 millions+ visits are expected)


World Expo organized by France (Paris will host 7 World Expos)

🏗  Did you know? Gustave Eiffel, then a young metal construction contractor, was in charge of building the part intended for cranes, looms, tooling machines, locomotives, etc.

France's main objective at the 1867 World Expo was to promote peace and generate better knowledge between nations and cultures 🤝
This was possible thanks to the introduction of a new element: the pavilions. They offered participants a space in which they could showcase their culture, history and innovations. The invention of the pavilion concept left its mark on the world of World Fairs, as it is still in use today.

📸 Discover in pictures the Chinese and Egyptian Pavilions

World Expo goes with innovation! At the occasion of the 1867 World Expo in Paris, some very innovative products (for the time) appeared, such as:
🤿 the new scuba diver for underwater swimming
🔝 the hydraulic lift
🥤 machines making soft drinks

1867 was also the year that riverboats (the bateaux-mouches) made their first appearance on the Seine as a means of tourist transportation.