The French Business Group Abu Dhabi and the France Pavilion sign a partnership agreement to mobilise French companies

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The France Pavilion at Dubai World Expo is delighted to announce French Business Group Abu Dhabi as its newest institutional partner. This partnership will allow for greater mobilisation of French companies in the region, and will showcase their business initiatives at the France Pavilion in Dubai.
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As the first world expo to be held in the MEASA region (Middle East, Africa, and South Asia), Expo 2020 Dubai is centred around the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” Bringing together a wide range of over 200 participants—countries, organisations, companies, and academic establishments—Expo 2020 Dubai expects to receive some 25 million visitors. 

World Expos of this sort have always ranked among the most eagerly anticipated international events, alongside the Olympic Games and the World Cup. They carry on a proud and longstanding history, beginning with the first ever Great Exhibition held in London in 1851. 

The ambitions set by these expos have evolved over the decades, and today lean towards international cooperation and the search for solutions to the challenges humanity faces. For six months, every country in the world will come together in order to discuss, put forward and implement specific solutions for the benefit of mankind. In light of the ongoing health crisis this theme is no longer a symbolic proposal, but rather an urgent and critical need. 

The France Pavilion, a showcase for French excellence working to boost economic revival

In Dubai, the France Pavilion will be dedicated to promoting French talents, ideas, and assets, aiming to position France as an international driving force for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and for building the post-health crisis world. With its imposing presence at what is set to be the most important international gathering of 2021, the France Pavilion will be doing its part to stimulate French economic growth. Indeed, this international gathering is a unique chance for companies to rebound economically, by creating new development opportunities and facilitating access to new markets. 

 The United Arab Emirates represent a major opportunity for France, given our extremely close economic and commercial relations. At the most important global gathering of 2021, I’m convinced that the France Pavilion will provide a unique opportunity to strengthen the development and integration of French companies in the Emirates. The partnership with French Business Group (FBG) Abu Dhabi is part of a dynamic of French economic regrowth and influence in the region. 

Erik Linquier, Commissioner General for France at Expo 2020 Dubai, and Chairman of COFREX

Le FBG Abu Dhabi, a natural choice as institutional partner

The French Business Group (FBG) Abu Dhabi represents a powerful network of companies, ranging from the biggest French multinationals in the CAC 40 and native Emirati firms, to SMEs and individual entrepreneurs active in the Emirates. 

Also a member of the network of France’s international chambers of commerce and industry (CCI France International), the FGB is a dynamic and independent non-profit organisation, committed to promoting business relationships between the United Arab Emirates and France. It is based in Abu Dhabi, the county’s capital and the seat of its governing institutions. 

Abu Dhabi was of course not randomly chosen: the city is, after all, home to the second Louvre Museum, the Abu Dhabi Sorbonne, Masdar city, ADNOC (the Abu Dhabi oil company), and the IRENA headquarters (the international agency for renewable energy), etc., all of which are entities that the FBG maintains close links with, organising jointly led events in the heart of Abu Dhabi—a city that is truly open to the world and whose ambitions are fully shared by the French Business Group. 

 The France Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai represents a superb opportunity for FGB’s members—and more generally, for all French companies eager to develop their international ventures—to expand their operations and/or to explore new avenues for development in the Emirates and neighbouring regions.
As such, the FBG expects that this partnership with the France Pavilion will play a key role in promoting its products and services, and showcasing the importance of the United Arab Emirates for our members’ growth strategies, both at the local and regional level. 

Eric Cohu, President of FBG Abu Dhabi and Regional Director for the UAE at BNP Paribas