Journée spéciale terminée

Special Day “Further away”

[14:00 - 15:00] Conference “International Space Station, the flying lab”

Since mid-2021, Thomas Pesquet, France Pavilion's Ambassador, has embarked on his second Alpha space mission. With a CNES space expert, discover the major experiments currently conducted by the astronaut, crucial to prepare the future of space exploration.

Alexis Paillet leads the SpaceShip mission at the CNES (National Centre for Space Studies ) in Toulouse, whose objective is to make interstellar travel possible by creating a living base on a celestial body such as the Moon at a first stage before aiming at... Mars!

[15:30 - 17:30] Panel discussion “Earth observation & Remote sensing”

An astronaut on Mars, is it possible? The preparation of a human trip to Mars is the new challenge that the last international Mars missions (EMM, Perseverance, Tianwen-1) have undertaken. Experts will focus on human and technological challenges to achieve the dream of a travel on Mars and will familiarize you with Remote Sensing. This round table brings together experts from the United Arab Emirates University, in collaboration with the CNES.

[15:30 - 17:30]  Screening of “16 sunrises”, the documentary on the space mission of Thomas Pesquet 

Take a trip from the Pavilion and take off into space with Thomas Pesquet, France Pavilion's Ambassador. In 2016-2017, Thomas Pesquet has been part of the Proxima Mission: a flashback on his six months of space experience, a suspended time during which a dialogue is established between the astronaut and the visionary work of Saint-Exupéry that he brought to the space station.

[18:00 - 20:30] Commented screening of “16 sunrises”

Introduction keynote by Alexis Paillet (CNES - French Space Agency) who will answer all your questions about life in space and the latest space research ! 



Alexis Paillet leads the SpaceShip mission at the CNES

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On the France Pavilion, CNES will invite visitors to discover French space activities through films, satellite pictures and mock-ups. 

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