Event programming

Highlighted theme

France has chosen to place the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) introduced by the UN at the heart of its event programming and to add two sequences dedicated to artistic creation and space.

Thus, the six months of the Dubai World Expo are punctuated by twelve themed fortnights on the France Pavilion. The objective of these themed fortnights is to raise public awareness of the major causes and challenges of tomorrow and to highlight French initiatives in terms of biodiversity, climate, peace, space, consumption, etc. The event programming is also the opportunity to highlight French innovations, and to showcase our companies internationally.

The names and the scheduled events for the fortnights at the Pavilion have been based around the Expo’s specific themes.  Therefore, the France Pavilion is able to expand its event programme to other Pavilions that are covering the same themes at the same time.

" This World Exposition is a unique opportunity to exhibit our country as a pioneer in ecological ways of living. We will show, through effective example, that France is playing a leadership role at the global level to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and more generally, the ecological transition.
As the minister of housing, I am particularly committed to promote our expertise in sustainable cities, to highlight our companies involved in green innovation on the international stage and to showcase the wonderful diversity of our territories, in order to strengthen their attractivity. "

Emmanuelle WARGON
French Minister Delegate for Housing