Dubai World Expo

Connecting minds, Creating the future

Until March 31st, 2022

The Dubai World Expo is open since 1 October 2021 and will close its doors on 31 March 2022. It takes place in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), focussing on the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

Dubai World Expo, a unique event

This event is the 1st World Expo held in the MEASA (Middle East, Africa and South Asia) region and marks the 50th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates being formed (1971), celebrated on December 2, 2021. 

This Expo wants to act as a launchpad for a sustainable vision and sustainable development for the decades ahead, ensuring that it leaves all participants and the whole world amazed. What’s more, this Expo promises to be unique as never before as the first time that so many countries have come together to try to address and find solutions to global problems together.

25 millions

Of expected visits, with 80% of general public


Participating countries: the most nations to have ever participated

4,38 km²

Of surface area—ten times the size of the Vatican, or two times the size of Monaco

Expo 2020 Dubai is at the center of the world during six months, offering new experiences every day.

The theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” is divided with 3 sub-themes: sustainability, opportunity and mobility, materialized by geographical wings. France Pavilion is located in the heart of the “Mobility” geographical wing.

Al Wasl Plaza, the heart of Dubai World Expo

Creating this focal point for visitors to Expo 2020 was a global collaboration involving a team of workers from 14 different countries across the globe. The teamwork of everyone involved created a real connection, giving even more significance to Al Wasl’s name, which means ‘connection’ in Arabic.

Al Wasl dome is the largest 360-degree projection surface in the world. It’s taken over one million man hours and 14 months of preparation to get to this point.

Dubai World Expo, a sustainable event

Through its main theme "Connecting minds, Creating the future", the Expo 2020 Dubai is inviting all the participating countries and visitors to think the world of tomorrow.

With less than 10 years to go until the deadline set by the UN for the achievement of its Sustainable Development Goals, and in the context of a post-health crisis world, the Expo organisers have decided to focus their efforts on addressing these political issues. The Sustainable Development Goals are, above all, a call to action for every nation to promote prosperity while also protecting the planet. 

The Expo 2020 aims to deliver an event in total harmony with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN. This is why sustainability is one of the key sub-themes of Expo 2020, having been highlighted throughout the Expo’s operations and in all initiatives being carried out before, during and after the event: interactive exhibitions in the Sustainability Pavilion, initiatives unveiled by Expo Live and Expo Global Best Practice Programme, the presentation of projects all over the world that will provide solutions to global issues, etc. 

Sustainability Report 2019 (PDF, 26.2 Mo)
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Dubai World Expo aspires to deliver one of the most sustainable World Expo ever. Thus, sustainability is being integrated into all aspects of Expo 2020, while also creating a meaningful impact beyond the six months of Expo and inspiring millions of visitors and followers to reaffirm their commitment to the environment, such as:

  • To leave a legacy of sustainable infrastructure and cutting-edge Sustainability practices,
  • To catalyse Sustainability efforts in Dubai and the UAE,
  • To increase public awareness about and engagement with Sustainability principles and sustainable living,
  • To develop Sustainability answers that are scalable, extending benefits to the wider economy.

Dubai World Expo from space 

Every month since March 2019, our Premium sponsor CNES is taking pictures from the Dubai World Expo's site from space. Discover them in a GIF!

Pléiades – © CNES 2019-2020-2021, Distribution Airbus DS


What about tomorrow? District 2020, Expo 2020 Dubai's future

The World Expo site is located in the south of Dubai. At the end of the World Expo, the site will be transformed into a new district of Dubai: District 2020. This district will embody the transformation of this area, which aims to be a pole of accelerated growth for the Emirates, and more broadly for the entire Arabian Peninsula.

This new city district will re-use over 80% of the infrastructures built for Expo 2020 Dubai!



All buildings erected in this new district have LEED Gold or Platinum certification. The 2020 District will be fully integrated, with infrastructures specially designed to meet the needs of future workers and residents: modern homes, schools, entertainment venues and social forums. 


Dive into the History of World Expos

A highlight on the international calendar and a true milestone for global progress. 


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Dive into the History of World Expos

A highlight on the international calendar
A true milestone for global progress

A highlight on the international calendar

World Expos rank alongside the Olympic Games and the Football World Cup in terms of the most eagerly anticipated international events. They carry on a proud and longstanding history, beginning with the first ever Great Exhibition held in London in 1851.

The ambitions held by such events have evolved over the years, and today lean towards international cooperation and the search for solutions to the biggest challenges faced by humanity: such was the case for the last World Expo in Milan 2015, on the theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” while Dubai 2020 has chosen the theme of “Connecting minds, Creating the Future.” 

A number of major industrial, technical and scientific innovations have been unveiled at World Expos: 

At the World’s Fair of Liege in 1905, Léon Gaumont presented his Chronophone, one of the first ever devices capable of synchronising images and sound.
At the Exposition Universelle de Paris in 1900, the first line of the Paris metro and the first escalator were opened for use, with the occasion being filmed by the Lumière brothers.

Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Gallica

The 1970 Expo in Osaka featured a presentation of the futuristic mag-lev electronic suspension train.


At the 1876 World’s Fair in Philadelphia, Alexandre Graham Bell presented the first telephone; a world exclusive.

Gilbert H. Grosvenor Collection, Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

A true milestone for global progress

Beginning in the middle of the nineteenth century, world fairs and exhibitions have helped produce innovative solutions to the major challenges the world faces. A truly global event, and an international gathering with an atypical dimension: part political summit, part trade fair and part cultural and scientific forum, every World Expo strives to create a synergy between the wide range of dynamic forces present: technical, scientific, urban, artistic, political, cultural, economic, etc.

Open to all, they are the opportunity to present and experience the latest innovations from participating countries, enterprises, multi-lateral organisations, academic institutions and NGOs. As such, any individual can become a driving force for progress, rethinking standard practices, and creating and sharing the solutions of tomorrow.

World Expos also serve as a catalyst for economic growth, by facilitating new links between companies of all sizes. They enable companies from around the world to seize commercial opportunities, forge international partnerships and stimulate growth. They also enable companies to promote their supply chains in new markets, both established and developing.  

Spotlight on the Bureau International des Expositions (Bureau of World Expos)

The BIE is the intergovernmental organisation tasked with overseeing, regulating and guaranteeing the success of World Expos, specialist fairs, flower shows  and the Triennale di Milano.

In concrete terms, the BIE selects the host countries for future Expos, provides support and guidance to candidates and host countries (event planning, communications, diplomacy), and oversees the organisation of the event.

Read more on the BIE website

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