In 2018,
France designed its Pavilion
In 2019,
construction of the Pavilion is starting
France is lighting up
Expo 2020 Dubai

فرنسا تنير إكسبو 2020 دبي

La France illumine l'Expo 2020 Dubaï


Connecting minds, Creating the future

Dubai 2020 must epitomise the Universal Exhibition of the twenty-first century and be based on the visitor experience.



Life of the Pavilion
The model of the French Pavilion travels for the national day on July, 14th

On the occasion of July 14th, the model of the French Pavilion Dubai 2020 traveled to the Embassy of France in the United Arab Emirates.

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The French Pavilion at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai: an incredible shop-window to showcase sustainable expertise and innovation.

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What they say

Light, Enlightenment

Light as a common theme throughout the French Pavilion. At one and the same time a philosophical concept, a source of creativity and of connection, it is developed to offer visitors a unique experience